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Bohnanza Card Game Review And Instructions

At first Bohnanza takes a while to fully understand but it is the type of game that becomes easy to play once you fully understand what you are doing. The hardest part of the whole game is probably remembering not to mix up the cards in your hand. This rule makes it pretty easy for players to cheat accidentally or on purpose. The rule is necessary though since it forces players to have to trade with one another which is one of the best parts of the game. The current player chose to plant the three wax beans first.

  • The 2-player bean duel has some slightly different rules.
  • They add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay and offer more opportunities to win.
  • You may harvest beans from your fields at any time during the game, even when you are not the active player.
  • Trades can include any number of cards and both sides do not have to trade the same number of cards.
  • (This may be none at all.) The player places that many of the cards face down in his or her treasury .
  • It is possible to get no gold from selling beans, and when selling beans, you may only sell from fields containing two or more beans.

Bonanza Slot invites players into a unique world inspired by the thrilling quest of mining for precious stones. Finally you only have to pay two coins to purchase the 3rd field card. One of the players involved in the trade must be the active player. Should you have no cards in your hand, you will skip this step in its entirety.

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The three additional bean kinds – Cocoa Bean, Wax Bean and Coffee Bean – are only used in the variant for up to 7 players. It is possible to free casino games no download get no gold from selling beans, and when selling beans, you may only sell from fields containing two or more beans. This is true unless you only have fields with one bean in them, then you may sell from either. However, like all card games, if you dislike this method of deciding tie-breakers pick whatever works for you and your friends. Bohnanza has fairly strict rules regarding trading beans, as this can really make or break the end result of the game.


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Participants cannot use cards already in the field for trading but can trade any number of beans for any number of beans. If a bean doesn’t match what is in the field already then the field has to get harvested and replaced with the new bean. If possible, players can then choose to plant a second card that’s visible onto the second field, but cannot plant a third if applicable. But once all players are up to speed then they will realize that something like harvesting beans can be very strategic while being great fun too. These platforms offer a secure gaming environment, a wide variety of games, and an engaging gaming experience, ensuring you have a fantastic time playing Bonanza Slot. At any time during the game you may choose to harvest a field.

Bohnanza Game Rules

The number of cards in each player’s treasury is kept secret from the other players. The discard pile is face up, but only the top card is visible; players may not examine the pile. When the deck runs out, the discard pile is reshuffled and re-used as the deck. Nakoa has unmatched passion for game mechanics and strategy. Trust in Nakoa’s expertise to learn how to play any game. Player try to plant their beans and then sell them for as much money as they can.

Scoring In Bohnanza

In German, “Blaue Bohnen” is slang for bullets, explaining the illustration of the blue bean dressed as a cowboy. Sequence planting and keep potential trades in mind to minimize wasted moves. Uwe Rosenberg and Hanno Girke have designed a number of expansions to the game, some of which were released as limited editions by Lookout Games.

How To Play: Bohnanza

You may choose to keep neither, one, or both of the cards. If you choose to keep a card, you will set them aside to plant later on your turn. The number indicates how many of that type of bean that there are in the game.