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On this page I will be posting videos, and audio teaching and prophecy as the Lord gives to me. On the last New Years Eve service that Kim Clement ministered, he released a Word about A Sound that’s coming. It was on this night that Kim placed for the third and final time his mantle upon me, a Blue Coat (Insert pic) (each of the other two times he placed his mantle on me the color was blue). I truly believe that I carry that sound within me, along with many, many others. This page has been design to unleashed that sound in others. So: Welcome to: The Sound.

FYI: I am now officially 501c3 minister now: If anyone wants to support my ministry just go to: make payment to: BTL Productions, or you can mail in your tax free donations to: BTL Productions 100 W High St #1226 Moorpark, Ca. 93020



Sound Bites will be short prophetic Utterances and proclamations that the Lord gives to me as He so Desires:

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